I always feel I am giving the wrong answers during an eye test.



People often worry about giving the wrong answer during an eye test, but there is no need. There are no wrong answers. We should think of it as a visual ‘check’, rather than a ‘test’!

The Optometrist can use objective methods like ‘retinoscopy’ to estimate the spectacle prescription. This technique doesn’t rely upon answers from the patient, as corrective lenses are used to neutralise the movements of a light reflex shone in the eye. 

During the ‘subjective’ part of the sight test, the Optometrist may present two lens options that are very similar and may be difficult to tell apart. This is particularly true the closer you are to your final spectacle prescription. So if it is difficult to choose between the two lens options, that can actually be a good and useful sign!

After the subjective part of the test, the optometrist may use check-tests to confirm the most appropriate spectacle lens for you. Common check-tests are the red and green ‘duo-chrome’ or the ‘blur test’ – when you are asked to read letters through a blurring lens.

Many different elements of the eye test are used to decide upon your final glasses prescription, including your eye history and any current spectacles. If you give an answer which you are unsure of it’s always important to be honest and let your practitioner know.

What’s the point of the puff of air test?

For lots of people, the puff of air test is the most memorable part of the sight-test, but why is it so important?

The optometrist uses the ‘puff of air’ in order to measure the eye pressure, in a procedure called ‘non-contact tonometry’. The ‘tonomoter’ produces a rapid air puff which temporarily changes the shape of the front of the eye or cornea. A light source and receiver within the instrument measure how quickly the cornea returns to the normal round shape and uses this to calculates the pressure inside the eye.

The test is painless, but the puff of air can make one jump a little! The best result is achieved when the patient is relaxed and sitting still with eyes wide open. The optometrist can demonstrate the feel of the air puff on a hand for re-assurance


The reason this test is important is that having an abnormally high (or low) eye pressure can indicate a risk of certain eye conditions, such as glaucoma. Conditions such as glaucoma might have no symptoms until the disease is quite advanced. By having regular sight tests, including a pressure test, eye problems can be identified and managed earlier, leading to better outcomes for the patient.

I never know what style suits me, where do I start?

Choosing a suitable spectacle frame style is an integral part of the glasses journey. A lot of parents bemoan having paid out a lot of money for that teenage child who was ‘so in love’ with a particular frame, only for it to be shoved away in a drawer a few weeks later. When said parent asks why…the response is a dour, ‘they don’t suit me’.  One can only imagine the sense of frustration that engulfs the parent at this stage. However this is not an isolated matter that arises, neither is it confined to the teenage population. Up and down across the land a lot of spectacle wearers trawl optical practices trying to find themselves the perfect frame and many still feel like they are stuck in a maze. Others end up abandoning wearing spectacles altogether to use alternative methods of sight correction, they find this exercise mind boggling and it even fills them with dread and anxiety.

With clothes shopping one needs to know what suits their body shape, in the same vein when choosing frames you need to know what works best for your facial features. Once one has deduced this the maze will shrink considerably, and the spectacle wearer can confidently look at the various options open to them. Knowing what suits your face shape, skin, hair and eye colour; that is the right foundation for finding what style suits you best. Your frame choice can reflect the mood, personality or image you are portraying. These factors are fluid so one must be aware of what their dominant personality traits are, so that they are reflected in their choice on a daily basis. The chosen frame must enhance the wearer’s looks.

Consulting a good dispensing optician can help to minimise the confusion that may arise when one starts to go through the plethora of different shapes and sizes that frames come in. Dispensing opticians are trained to design, verify and fit eyeglass lenses and frames, contact lenses, and other devices to correct eyesight, so who better to advise you on the best style to choose for your next piece of amazing eyewear.  Have an idea of about which colours work best, this will increase the options available. Certain face shapes carry some frame styles better than others. Identify your main facial feature that is easily identified when anyone looks at you, the jaw line is usually the defining area of the face. One can either opt to accentuate it or minimise its visibility, depending on how favourable they find it as a feature.

What to look out for when choosing a comfortable pair of glasses?

Comfort is of paramount importance when purchasing a new pair of spectacles. It can be a difficult and even tedious task for some, hence why the assistance of a professional is needed. Any dispenser worth their salt will always encourage the wearer to try on as many different styles and material types, if not for any other reason than to quickly eliminate those that are uncomfortable to wear. There are various styles one might have seen and admired on family and friends and would be keen to have. However, it is important that what one wishes to emulate is compatible with their facial features.

There are different things to be mindful of; the material the frame is made from, the size and fitting of the frame, the best lens material to use determined by the prescription; to name but a few. Some of these points may sound blatantly obvious to consider, but would not be so apparent to someone who has their heart set on a specific style, and no amount of reasoning can persuade them otherwise. An example of an incredulous choice of a frame would be a female of petite build and with a high myopic prescription of say 10D, opting for a metal frame with a fine finish and a large eye size. It would fit very poorly and would be uncomfortable, most likely not staying on the wearer’s nose; and the lenses produced would be thick, heavy and unsightly to look at. The material that the frame is made from will have a bearing on its overall finish and weight, for instance, high-grade titanium produces lightweight frames that are durable and hypoallergenic as it is not an alloy. Comparing acetate and metal frames, in most cases, acetate frames have a fixed moulded bridge, and this cannot be altered or adjusted, however, in the case of metal frames, they come with pads on arms that can be adjusted to the best fit the wearer needs.

Lens material choices need to be succinctly explained so an informed decision is made, and to help manage expectations on the finished product that will be received. The lens material used will influence the weight of the spectacles.

Mykita Photo shoot in Spitalfields London

What connection do Mykita Glasses have with Shoreditch London? If you think the two don’t seem to have much in common, think again. Mykita is one of the top-quality brands of eyewear offered by us at Eyediology Opticians. We are quality optician practice based in the heart of London’s East End, near Old Spitalfields Market. This photoshoot enabled the public to view Mykita glasses and view a street in Spitalfields through those glasses. Shoreditch in London is not only known for its particular character, which comes from various historical and cultural influences, from French Huguenot weavers to Irish linen workers and from Eastern European Jews to Bangladeshi migrants. It’s also known for being a hub of the most creative street art with Old Spitalfields graffiti being considered an art drawing in tourists to view, stand in awe and take photos in all weathers. Which brings us to the subject of the fascination of an outdoor shoot.

The recent Mykita glasses outdoor shoot in Old Spitalfields Market was highly appreciated, both by fans of the opticians and fans of the brand, on social media. We availed of the opportunity to get some eye-catching visuals of this favoured brand of lightweight glasses in one of the most picturesque areas of London. With regard to making a connection with the people of the East End of London, the photo shoot was quite a success. The people of London’s East End have always been known for their warmth, their humour and their strength in the face of adversity, not to mention their appreciation of good quality. This photo shoot for Mykita had its fair share of photographic gems against the backdrop of a commercial street at Spitalfields; this quality brand looks amazing. These glasses need no adornment; their quality speaks for itself. Unlike indoors, where the lighting may be strictly controlled, outdoor shoots are at the mercy of the weather. Locations like Liverpool Street and Brick Lane London take on fascinating hues when photographed under darkened clouds or sheets of rain, revealing fascinating depths of character.


Lindberg at Eyediology

One brand that has been phenomenally successful at Eyediology over the last 10 years is LINDBERG – the innovative Danish brand that has become internationally recognised and renowned for their comfortable, lightweight titanium frames. The range is elegant and classy with discrete features and a subtle look, made with top quality materials such as titanium. Gold and diamond are incorporated into some designs, and there is something for everyone in the wide selection offered.

State-of-the-art technology is used to produce these glasses making a lightweight that does not require screws to assemble. The brand combines functionality, quality and a great deal of comfort with a sophisticated look that appeals to a diverse range of customers.

Eyediology discovered during the last 10 years that many customers who were resistant to the idea of wearing glasses were completely won over by LINDBERG brand frames, and were attracted by the screw-less titanium design, as well as the high level of customer service and aftercare provided by the team. Not only are they fashionable as evidenced by the many celebrities may be seen wearing them, whether it is a  subtle rimless frame or a lightweight Acetanium design, all are comfortable and immaculately put together as befits the success story of a frame manufacturer such as LINDBERG.

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Maui Jim Sunglasses Open Day

This Sunday 30th July 2017 11am-4pm

This year we will be hosting a Maui Jim Summer Party at the practice on Sunday 30th July from 11am until 4pm.

We will have our Maui Jim rep here to share his knowledge of this fantastic brand and our Lens Experts on hand for their help and advice.

The full range will be on display for you to try and there will be special offers available on the day.

When you visit the practice there will be tropical drink and treats for you all. Come rain or shine we will be there so don’t miss out.

Appointments are available on the day however they are limited, so to be sure you don’t miss out, book yours today.

For further information or to RSVP to this event please contact us by calling 020 7377 2020 or on our contact form.

We look forward to seeing you!

Eyediology Luxury Practice of the Year Finalist (Optician Awards 2013)

Eyediology is humbled to be named as a Finalist at the Optician Awards for 2013 Luxury Eyewear Retailer of the Year.

This category highlights practices who pro-actively endeavour to source and promote a wide range of bespoke eyewear and lens designs.

We believe each of our patients should receive individualised care and therefore strive to provide options for personalised frames and lens technology.

Eyediology are grateful for your support as we continue to expand our range of tailor made eyewear.


Eyediology Fashion Practice of the Year Finalist (Optician Awards 2011)

We are proud to announce Eyediology as Finalists at the Optician Awards for 2011 Fashion Practice of the Year.This category recognises practices who achieve success in effectively promoting and sourcing inspiring and innovative eyewear.

We hand pick each frame from select suppliers around the world, and love how each piece conveys individuality and style.

The team at Eyediology are humbled to be recognised and will continue to provide tailored advice for your optical needs.