New Savile Row Collection

Retro is in…

..and who better to showcase this than Savile Row Eyewear.

You may recognise Savile Row’s designs on John Lennon, Harry Potter, Johnny Depp, Eric Clapton and Harrison Ford.

These iconic frames are handmade in the Algha Works Factory in East London, a factory which has been in spectacle frame production since 1932.

Eyediology Opticians are proud to hold a special collection of these beautifully crafted frames… Just don’t wait too long to try them on!

In store now.

More Macular degeneration

Macular degeneration is the leading cause of blindness in the UK.

The macular is the part of the eye responsible for detailed central vision.

If there is a change at the macular, then tasks such as reading, sewing or watching TV will be affected. The change is purely a loss of vision, causes no pain or headache, and cannot be corrected with spectacles.

Ask our Optometrist about the health of your macular at your next appointment!

New Prodesign Glasses Collection At Eyediology

Come and take a look at our brand new collection of ProDesign frames, straight from Denmark!

ProDesign frames are designed to work with the natural contours of the face, using clean lines in a vibrant array of colours.

These beautifully constructed frames always fly off the shelf, so don’t miss your opportunity to try them on in store!