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LINDBERG glasses were created by Poul-Jorn LINDBERG in 1979. He had opened an optometrist store in 1969 and began designing and developing eyewear that at the time he had produced overseas. Later, in 1983 he teamed up with the architect Hans Dissing to create the LINDBERG AIR Titanium glasses that would become the signature frame of today. A year later, in 1984, LINDBERG Optic Design was created and Henrik LINDBERG was employed there. The AIR Titanium frames were an immediate success and other opticians began selling the frames, as well as sales beginning overseas within the United States, Netherlands and France. Over the years, numerous other lines of eyewear and sunglasses have been developed, including a designer line of children’s glasses.

The LINDBERG glasses are high end, designer style of glasses. Made of titanium and acetate, to create a lightweight, yet durable, pair of glasses, they are both flexible and functional; however, they have the clean lines and dimensions of an architecturally designed building. The most distinctive feature of LINDBERG’s AIR Titanium frames was that there are no screws, rivets or welds holding the glasses together and the frames can be customised for the individual wearer. The material has been formed into the shape of glasses and unnecessary features and details have been removed, leaving only a very stylish and luxurious piece of eyewear.

LINDBERG frames include the LINDBERG AIR Titanium, LINDBERG Acetanium, LINDBERG Strip Titanium, LINDBERG Spirit and LINDBERG Kids ranges. The AIR Titanium frames come in a multitude of shapes, including the classic oval, rectangle and round shape, they have a very thin frame and either black or silver in colour. With the Acetanium frames have added colour, they still stick to the original design of a lightweight, clean design.

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