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  Looking After Your Glasses  

Glasses and Lens Care

Eye wear is a financial investment and improper care will cause damage to your lenses and may result in scratches, haziness and peeling coatings. This could affect your vision and cause eye strain.

Your spectacles should be cleaned regularly. The classic slow but steady breath onto the lens followed swiftly by a gentle massage with good quality linen or cotton cloth still works well.

However, we recommend using a special micro-fibre cloth and glasses cleansing spray if your glasses are dirtier. We supply a good quality micro-fibre cloth with glasses purchased.

If your glasses get very dirty you can rinse them thoroughly to remove any dust or grit that could scratch the lenses. It is recommended that a specially formulated glasses cleaning solution is used when cleaning your glasses. Never use hot water, anti-bacterial or washing-up liquid as it can damage lens coatings and frames. Anything designed to “remove grime” will break down your lens coating over time.

We have a range of accessories that you can buy to ensure that your glasses stay clean. After you have received your glasses, you will want to keep them in optimum shape, here are a few tips to ensure that this happens.

Cleaning Your Glasses

Aside from the tips above to keep your lenses and frames in top condition, cleaning the lenses properly is very important.

  • Use a soft, non-fibrous cloth to clean the lenses.
  • Use only the correct cleaning solution for your lens, if unsure most non-alcoholic cleaners will suffice.
  • Gently, rub the lenses in a circular motion to wipe the cleaning solution across the surface of the lens.
  • Keep gently wiping until the solution has evaporated (this may take longer with non-alcoholic lens cleaning solutions).
  • If there are nose pads on your lenses, clean these carefully with a cotton bud soaked in lens cleaning solution for very stubborn dirt and debris.

Things to Avoid When Handling Your Glasses

  • Do not touch the lenses with your fingers.
  • Do not use polishes on the lenses, this could scratch them.
  • If you’re using a dry cloth, do not rub or press too hard on the lenses.
  • Do not use ammonia based products on the lenses, use only specially formulated lens cleaners.
  • Avoid using tissues or paper towels to clean the lenses. The fibres will be left on the lenses and can scratch the lenses.
  • Any screws on the frames should be checked regularly and tightened before cleaning.
  • Do not sleep with the glasses on, this can bend and deform the frame.

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