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  Orthokeratology (Ortho-K)  

Orthokeratology (also known as Ortho-K), is an overnight vision correction (OVC) technique. It is a way to temporarily correct the shape of the cornea overnight, while you sleep, to improve eyesight.

Using specific contact lenses fitted at night when you sleep, the lenses gently reshape the front of the cornea so that you have clear vision the next day. A rigid gas permeable contact lens is used for this purpose. OVC can be used for myopia which is classed as short-sighted vision.

It can also be used for other eye conditions where reshaping the cornea will benefit the eyesight.

Is Overnight Vision Correction safe?

Overnight vision correction has successfully been used to treat mild to medium myopia. The lenses can take some getting used to, however, after a short adjustment period they are as easy to wear as soft contact lenses.

The OVC procedure is approved medically and it does not have the risks of laser treatment. OVC is safe to use for both children and adults. The Ortho-K industry has been thoroughly tested worldwide, as there is an increase in myopia (short-sight). There is no cure for myopia at present and the cause of myopia is that the eyeball starts to elongate, and even laser surgery cannot rectify this.

Using Ortho-K lenses can slow down the effects of myopia and in some cases halt it.

Ortho-K lens manufacturers

Ortho-K lenses are manufactured by a few different contact lens specialist companies including IGO, No. 7 and David Thomas. We mainly use lenses from No 7 and their OrthoK lenses known as EyeDream.

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eyediology - opticians - london eyediology - opticians - london eyediology - opticians - london eyediology - opticians - london