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Your Choice at Eyediology

We at Eyediology Opticians appreciate what an important decision buying glasses can be, the many factors that go into making the right choice can be daunting. Every person is unique and at Eyediology Opticians you are treated as such.

We have such a wide range of designer frames and eyewear that we are sure that you will find spectacles that you will be happy with. In some cases you see a frame that you know you will love, but there is just one small change that you would like to make that would make them perfect.

When faced with this quandary you do not always have to make a compromise; some of our designer frames are highly customisable and we will gladly try and accommodate your wishes in order to provide you with the perfect set of glasses.

Tom Davies Glasses: For you by you

Have you ever tried on a pair of glasses, really liked them, but thought “If only they…”; Tom Davies glasses take the “If only they…” out the picture and replace it with  “Can you…?”. And the answer is “Yes”.

Tom Davies glasses come in a wide range of styles, material and colour; Tom Davies’ eyewear is fantastic in its own right, with ranges that are bound to grab your attention so you could purchase off the shelf. Tom Davies also offers a completely bespoke eyewear service; you may try on a few pair of glasses, really like the look of one but the second pair fit on your nose better. With Tom Davies you can have the frames you like with the nose fitting of the frames that were more comfortable!

Almost everything you see on the frame can be altered to suit you even down to the hinges on some frames. Just ask when you try on any pair of Tom Davies spectacles what you want adjusting and we will see that it is done. Plus the frame can be in the colour of your choice from the extensive colour palette that Tom Davies eyewear supplies.

When you customise, Tom Davies glasses are able to truly make glasses that will be YOUR OWN, no one else will have a pair quite like yours. Depending on the choices you make, they will be unique in every single way; we are on hand to help you make an informed decision but ultimately the decision is yours and we know it will be one you will be happy with as you will be the designer that made these designer frames. They will even put the name of your choice on the inside temple to prove it!

Customising Glasses Frames

Lindberg eyewear offer a high degree of customisability in their eyewear ranges; most will come with multiple choices in the width of the frame, bridge and nose pads, as well as in the length of the temple pieces. And this is before we have even touched on the lens shapes, colours and style combinations.

With Lindberg rimless glasses you are really choosing the glasses frame ‘skeleton’ first, the shape of the lens itself can be completely of your own choosing, our optician will go through the options with you to make the choice less strenuous as there is almost a limitless variety of shapes that can be put into your glasses.

Many Lindberg frames come in multiple colour combinations; these being chosen from the colour chart that we can go through with you. This also applies to the temple choice as you can choice from a range of styles which all come in at least two colours.

With all these choices to be made it can seem a little complicated, however, our dedicated and knowledgeable staff will help. Once you have come to your final decision you will know that the Lindberg glasses you have chosen will fit and suit you perfectly so much so that your name will be on it.

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