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Prescription lens price quote

Prescription Lenses

At Eyediology, we offer a wide range of prescription lenses.

We can supply lenses from all leading lens manufacturers including Nikon, Essilor and Zeiss.

There are four main types of plastic materials used for lenses: 1.5 index, 1.6 index, 1.67 index and 1.74 index. High index lenses (eg. 1.74 index) are used on higher prescriptions to reduce the thickness and weight of the finished lens product. Various lens coatings (including anti-reflective, scratch resistance, UV protective, blue-light blocking, coloured tints, transitions or polarized coatings) can be added to enhance your visual experience. It is worth thinking about what you use your glasses for, and noting which coating suits your needs.

Once you have decided on the lens index material and the appropriate coating, the type of lens required needs to be specified. That is, if you are wanting a single vision lens (eg. for reading OR for driving), bifocal lens (eg. for reading AND driving), occupational lens (eg. for reading AND computer work) or varifocal (for all tasks including reading, computer work and driving). The more tasks required, the more technology is involved in making the final lens product more customized to your needs. We would recommend an in-store measuring and fitting appointment to ensure you achieve the best vision possible.

If you know what kind of lens you require, the contact form below can be used to provide a rough indication of your lens price. However, if you are unsure, the best route is to come in store and/or book an appointment to discuss your options. This will enable us to provide you with a more customized and accurate quote.

Please contact us if you require any other information.

To find out more information about which lens is most suitable for you please click on the appropriate box.






Nikon Premium



Nikon Bespoke SeeMax


EYE Basic1.5 Index PlasticFREE
All lenses below come with an anti-reflection and scratch resistant coatings which provides:

Improved visibility and Improved durability

Anti-Reflection / Anti-Scratch / Water Repellent / Easy Clean
Standard1.5 Index Plastic£30*£70*£110*£180
Thin & light1.6 Index Plastic£60*£100*£140* £220
Super thin & light1.67 Index Plastic£100*£140*£180* £260
Ultra thin & light1.74 Index Plastic£180*£220*£320

*There is a supplementary charge of £30 for all custom made lenses. All custom made lenses are required for high astigmatism prescriptions and out of range prescriptions. Custom made lenses are also used on high plus prescriptions to minimise the centre thickness of the lenses. There is no supplementary charge for the Nikon Bespoke range of lenses.

Please submit your spectacle prescription...

We only accept a copy of your original prescription which has been signed and dated by a qualified optometrist. You may provide this using one of the methods below:

(Maximum Size: 1.46 MB. Type: jpeg, jpg, gif, pdf, png, doc, docx)

Please provide details of the frame(s) you wish to fit with lenses...

If emailing your prescription you may provide the relevant frame details in your email.

to provide a more accurate quote please provide the following information about your glasses:- Brand, model number, size (usually on the inside temple/arm of the frame) and the age of the frame if known

Complete to submit details...

Our Dispensing service:

Don’t forget we are not just another website selling glasses as we offer full in-store professional service.

The prices of our glasses also include the following:

  • Personal one to one frame style advice.
  • Prescription and lens advice by experts.
  • Accurate lens dispensing including facial measurements and frame fitting.
  • Ongoing in-store aftercare service.

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