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  Children’s Contact Lenses  

The Benefits of Contact Lenses for Children

You may wonder what is the point of trying to put contact lenses on a child’s eye; however, there are benefits to children wearing contact lenses that extend beyond vision correction.

It has been shown that giving contact lenses to particular children will achieve noticeable improvements in the child’s self esteem in many arrears.

Physical Appearance

In children who had an aversion to wearing their glasses, the choice to wear contact lens lead to a marked improvement in their perception of their own physical appearance; with an increased level of well being translating to the sense of having more confidence. For those children that that did not mind wearing glasses the option to wear contact lenses just gave them the chance not to wear glasses if they chose not to.

Social Acceptance

For children that thought that they were being excluded from social activities because of wearing glasses, the opportunity to wear contact lenses was significant; with the perception being that their social status increased, especially amongst teenagers.

Athletic Ability

Particularly in contact sports the improvement was greatest; with the fear of breaking their glasses removed, the child could concentrate on the task in hand. Also the increase in visual acuity and better peripheral vision enabled the child to ‘feel’ that they were doing better at the sport, thus leading to increase confidence that actually lead to an improvement in performance.

Academic Achievement

The improvements here were seen in those children that did not like to wear glasses. They are more prone to removing their glasses and so may miss things. By wearing contact lenses they felt less self conscious and better able to focus their vision and their energies into more constructive endeavours.

It has been shown that children as young as eight can gain benefit from the wearing of contact lenses; being able to handle gas permeable and soft contact lenses with relative ease. It was found that to give the children the experience of handling contact lenses, that they should initially wear daily disposable contact lenses, so giving the child practice of putting in and taking out their contact lenses. It has been shown that even young children can be taught to care for their contact lenses and can be as adept in their use as an adult. With the use of multipurpose all in one solutions, taking care of contact lenses is made simple and so children can take proper care of their contact lenses.

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