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  Why Wear Sunglasses  

The benefit of sunglasses

If you have ever been to the opticians, you probably know and have been told that it is important to wear sunglasses and protect your eyes. Almost every pair of sunglasses out there now have at least UV protection on them and it very important to make sure that they do. Furthermore, there are numerous choices now available for sunglasses, differing in styles and designs; the features of which have come a long way to make them cosmetically more appealing as well as comfortable and affordable. However, there are numerous other reasons why wearing sunglasses is important.

A major important factor to wearing sunglasses is to protect your eyes from UV-A and UV-B rays. UV rays can cause damage to the retina and cornea of the eye. The UV damage can create problems such as macular degeneration and cataracts. A few other lesser known problems that are caused by UV damage are photokeratitis which is a very painful eye condition and snow blindness which is caused by reflected/ glare from light colour or shiny surfaces, this causes the retina to be burned. Also, skin cancer has been found around the eyes, due to extended exposure to the sun without sunglasses. Just as the sun is damaging to your skin because of the UV rays, your eyes are just as susceptible to similar problems. Sunglasses with UV protection should give a 97% to 100% coverage from these rays. Remember, that dark sunglasses do not necessarily mean that there is UV protection, the sunglasses should have that right on the label.

Also, if your eyes are protected during the day from UV rays, you will also have better vision at night. Since your eyes have not been overexposed during the day, it makes night activities easier and your vision clearer. This is also true when it comes to driving or playing outdoor sports and wearing sunglasses. Eliminating glare and brightness will make any activity much easier. This includes a day at the park or walking about an outdoor shopping centre, wearing sunglasses will allow your eyes to adjust more easily when going indoors from outdoors.

Also, remember that just because it is a cloudy day, does not mean that sunglasses are not needed. Even on cloudy days, the UV-A and UV-B rays come through the clouds. In some instances, these rays are even stronger on cloudy days, because they have to make their way through the clouds to see the sunshine. Sunglasses are just as important on these days as well.

As mentioned above, that skin cancer has been found around the eyes, from overexposure to UV rays, lines and wrinkles form as well around the eyes from the sun too. Sunglasses protect not just your eyes, but the area around your eyes, as well as the sides of your face, forehead and brim of your nose. Being able to cover this sensitive area is just as important as covering your eyes as well. The less exposure your skin has to harmful rays, the fewer sun lines and sun spots your skin will develop.

Sunglasses are also a fashion statement as well. They can complete any outfit while protecting you at the same time. Designer sunglasses are comfortable and cosmetically pleasing, so as to be worn as part of a fashion statement as well. Such designers as Tom Ford and Ray-Ban, give you all the benefits of the UV protection needed, while creating sunglasses that are unique, different and stylish as well. Also, there have been numerous advancements in sunglass designs, to make them lighter, sleeker and completely custom designed for the wearer. Such specialist like Silhouette make sunglasses made of titanium, that are extremely light and durable, as well as being cosmetically appealing for the fact that there are no screws or hinges on the sunglasses as well.

There is also the option of choosing glasses that darken when in the sunlight. Such as Transition lenses, regular lenses that are part of glasses and will on their own turn to a shade of grey and become sunglasses while outside and in bright lighting. Transitions Lens darken in sunlight and offer the same UV-A and UV-B protection as regular sunglasses, however, you do not need to change your glasses or bring extra sunglasses with you. Using Transition lenses can be more convenient for people who need to always wear glasses and do not want to have to carry around multiple pairs of glasses to be able to see.

Lastly, if you travel regularly, it has been found that sunglasses actually help with jet lag and transitioning from one time zone to another when travelling during the day. The internal body clocks are affected by light and wearing sunglasses during daylight travel while in the plane helps the body adjust to the new time.

No matter what reason you choose to wear sunglasses, it is important to always have them on while outside. UV rays are dangerous to your eye health and taking care of them will be a huge benefit to you in the years to come. Protecting your eyes and skin, while accentuating an outfit or your best features, are all benefits of sunglasses. There are so many choices available now as well, that there is definitely something for everyone.

Most of us wear suntan lotion to protect our skin from sunburn. Without adequate eye protection, exposure to bright sunlight can damage our eyes. We need to be careful about protecting our eyes with the right kind of sunglasses.

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