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Götti eyewear were first created and marketed by Sven Götti and Felix Moreno in 1994 and. They placed them in their Lucerne, Switzerland store and within three years, Sven Götti decided to expand the collection from just horn to plastic and titanium designs. Götti glasses are designed in Switzerland, however they are produced in Germany and Japan. They are distributed worldwide, maintining the same craftsmanship and design as the original glasses.

Gotti glasses are renowned for their designer quality and high end design. The fashionable and ever changing product line stays current with market trends, while still delivering a luxury eyewear product. Found around the world in eyeglass stores and boutiques, Götti are an optical specialist that delivers simplicity and style in a product that is easily recognizable from other eyewear.

Products available within the titanium line consists of the Luke, Peggy, Vanni, Eric, Leroy, Jason, Jade and Kate frames; each unique and original. A lightweight, thin frame with classic appeal. The the acetate line consists of the Hank, Renee, Roy, Richi, Eugen, Ushi, Mark and Milan. These are slightly thicker frames, that are also available in accent colours added to the frames. The original horn glasses however are still available. For square or oval lens the Brandy, Akira, Alvin, Amber and Alina are very popular. These are still made of natural horn material, creating a truly interesting and unique design.

The Gotti sunglass line has the same style and quality as their other designer frames. Choose from the Pepe, Alfred, Dayo, Delia, Derry, Duke, Paris or Paka, whichever fits your style. Each slightly different than the next, with tinted lenses providing 100% UV protection and a range of colours to choose from.

Götti frames continue to innovate and create unique eyewear that will not be found elsewhere, people that buy Gotti glasses know that they have purchased a quality product, that other discerning glasses wearer will instantly recognise.

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