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  About Our Eye Examinations  

What Can I Expect From My Eye Examination?

We at Eyediology Opticians London are building a reputation for clinical excellence. We have made it our responsibility to make sure that the eye sight of our patients meets their exacting standards. We will not do or recommend a course of action that may be of detriment to your well being.

When you place your trust in us we hope to exceed your expectations of the benefits of taking proper eye health care precautions can give you. We want to make sure that your experience as a patient of ours is both pleasant and informative; no decisions are made with regards to your vision without you being fully informed about any changes, test or procedures.

We allow 30 minutes for our standard adult eye examination; all consultations being carried out by our highly qualified optometrist. With extensive range of up to date testing methods and state of the art equipment, the optometrist can tailor the examination to the needs of the patients and so provide the highest level of health care.

1. Your Symptoms and History

From the beginning of the eye examination we will ask questions regarding problems or issues with your sight and questions about your family’s ocular health history. To provide us with the clearest picture of what your eyes go through on a daily basis and what you need from your vision we take into account your general health, lifestyle, hobbies and interests.

2. Vision Check

Our aim is to ascertain whether you are seeing clearly and if you require vision correction with glasses.

A range of tests are carried out utilising the latest in digital test charts. These checks enable us to assess distance vision. Using a Snellen Near Point chart the optometrist will also test your near vision; this gives an accurate measure of your eyes ability to see text and objects clearly at a given reading or working distance.

3. Eye Health Check

Our optometrist is an expert and diligent clinician and during the eye examination will check the internal and external structures of your eyes with a microscope. Eye diseases such as cataracts, glaucoma and macular degeneration can be detected as well as any retinal abnormalities that may be a sign of other underlying conditions.

Depending on your symptoms and age an eye pressure check or a visual field examination may be carried out. The visual field examination tests for any blind spots in your peripheral vision. This may also indicate a more serious health condition such as glaucoma or retinal damage.

The range of movement of your eyes will also be assessed to determine that your eye muscles are in working order. And your colour vision may also be tested using specially designed colour vision plates.

4. Conclusions and Discussion

The final part of your eye examination involves a discussion of your results with you; we will clearly explain what the results mean and their implications. If required, we will then go through potential remedies and aid you in making the decision that is right for you and your eyes. Our optometrist will also decide how regularly you should have your eyes examined based on your individual test results.

Please call us to book an appointment with our optometrist on 020 7377 2020, alternatively click here to book an appointment online.

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