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  Contact Lens Cleaning  

Contact Lens Cleaning & Maintenance

With the exception of daily disposables, contact lenses have to be cleaned and disinfected each time they are worn. Poor lens hygiene is one of the common causes of problems with contact lenses, particularly eye infections.

Contact lenses must be cleaned each time they are removed from the eye in order to prevent the build up of deposits and bacterial contamination.

There are a variety of disinfection systems available for different types of contact lenses. It is important to use the system recommended by the professional who prescribed the lenses, and to seek their advice before changing systems, as some of the systems may not be compatible.

We supply a number of contact lens cleaning solutions for both soft and hard lenses.

Always make sure you store your contact lenses in the correct case with an appropriate solution when not wearing them.

All our contact lens solutions are available at a discounted rate if you are a member of our monthly Eye Plan Scheme. We believe that our Eye Plan Scheme beats supermarket and online prices, with all inclusive eye care.

Please contact us for your personal quotation.

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