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  Types of Contact Lenses  

There are many types of lenses. We have described the main ones below:-

  • Soft Contact Lenses
  • Daily Soft Disposables Contact Lenses
  • Fortnightly & Monthly Replacement Soft Contact Lenses
  • Extended Wear Soft Contact Lenses
  • Rigid Contact Lenses

Soft Contact Lenses

Soft contact lenses are the most commonly prescribed type of contact lenses, they adapt to your eyes quickly and they are comfortable straight away (unlike rigid lenses, which require some adaptation). Soft lenses are particularly suitable for sports, as they are difficult to accidentally dislodge.

Most soft contact lenses these days are intended to be replaced at regular intervals. These can be daily, two weekly, monthly or annually.

Daily Soft Disposables Contact Lenses

One of the most popular lenses available on the market today are daily disposables. They take the hassle away from contact lens wear and are ideal for people with active lifestyles or for the occasional wearer. These lenses are designed to be worn for a day and then thrown away. There is no cleaning, no storage and therefore hassle free. A number of patients have found that Acuvue Moist daily contact lenses are the most comfortable to wear.

Two weekly & Monthly Replacement Soft Contact Lenses

These soft contact lenses are more cost effective and are better suited for complicated prescriptions including astigmatism. It is important to remember that these types of lenses require regular cleaning, but with modern day solutions like Alcon’s OPTI-FREE® RepleniSH® this routine is often quick and effortless.

Extended Wear Soft Contact Lenses

With new contact lens materials and technology, there are some lens types which allow wearers to sleep in their contact lenses, either occasionally, or for up to 30 days. This is known as “extended wear”. These special lenses allow a large amount of oxygen to pass through the lens, ensuring that the eye receives enough oxygen.

These lenses are not suitable for everyone. We will tell you after a consultation if they would suit your eyes.

Rigid Contact Lenses

Rigid lenses are made from plastics that are less flexible than those used for soft lenses.

Rigid lenses are suitable for a wider range of prescriptions. They are more durable than soft lenses, so they do not need to be replaced as often. Although, some users may find them a little less comfortable than soft lenses. However, once you have adapted to the lenses you will be able to wear them all day without even noticing you have them on.


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eyediology - opticians - london eyediology - opticians - london eyediology - opticians - london eyediology - opticians - london