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  Transitions Photochromic Lenses  

Innovation and Style

The exceptionally well known lens manufacturer Transitions began its existence in 1990. Since the company opened its doors their unique approach to eyewear has taken the world by storm. Transitions lenses are the world’s most popular photochromic lens brands. Hence the company name, the lens rapidly ‘Transitions’ from clear to dark, in the manner of sunglasses, in sun shine and back again in the shade.

The company began its mass production schedule with its Pinellas Park, Florida production line in 1991. Since then they have continued to improve their lenses remaining the market leader for photochromic lenses. They now produce everything from simple reading glasses to high-impact polycarbonate lenses that is both damage resistant and capable of coming in prescription and non-prescription versions while maintaining their light-level adjusting function.

Transitions photochromic lenses are considered to be the best brand in the world by many. Their rival companies, especially Corning Inc., may have eyewear of similar quality but they are not quite as well known to the average consumer due to the marketing tactics and quality of Transitions glasses. Their product line is separated into everyday and performance categories. The everyday wear versions are used for casual activities and protecting their wearer’s eyes during the day. The performance versions are used mainly for highly physical outdoor activities and include versions that cut down on glare from snow or water.

The designer lens market is a crowded industry, however, the innovative style of this company has allowed them to remain among the top designers in the world. Their biggest rival might very well be Corning Inc., the company that originally developed the photochromic lens in the 1960s. However, in the public eye Transitions technology is known by a larger number of would-be buyers currently due to the well considered television ads that were produced in order to show the rapid change from clear to dark when light levels changed for the wearer.

The lenses this company produces are used by a wide variety of designers and manufacturers in order to perfect their products. They produce three distinctly different types of lenses. These types are the original lens, the XTRActive lens, and the SOLFX sunwear product line.

The original lens line focuses on casual, day-to-day, eye protection. These are the lenses commonly shown in commercials. They offer rapid tint change from light to reasonably dark while blocking 100% of UVA radiation.

The XTRActive lenses are a darker everyday lens type that are designed to maintain a slight tint in all locations while growing even darker when in sunlight. They are considered to be the company’s darkest everyday eyewear brand and will even darken inside of a car.

The SOLFX line of lenses are the outdoor active sport lenses that the company specializes in. These sunglasses provide the darkest tint in the brightest locations. They come in a variety of tint colours that can be chosen based upon the need of the wearer. Also available in the Drivewear line, these lenses can be custom fitted into a number of leading manufacturer’s frame styles. They come in prescription and non-prescription types.

To discover more information on the World’s most advanced photo reactive lenses please visit the official Transitions website.

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