Mykita Photo shoot in Spitalfields London

What connection do Mykita Glasses have with Shoreditch London? If you think the two don’t seem to have much in common, think again. Mykita is one of the top-quality brands of eyewear offered by us at Eyediology Opticians. We are quality optician practice based in the heart of London’s East End, near Old Spitalfields Market. This photoshoot enabled the public to view Mykita glasses and view a street in Spitalfields through those glasses. Shoreditch in London is not only known for its particular character, which comes from various historical and cultural influences, from French Huguenot weavers to Irish linen workers and from Eastern European Jews to Bangladeshi migrants. It’s also known for being a hub of the most creative street art with Old Spitalfields graffiti being considered an art drawing in tourists to view, stand in awe and take photos in all weathers. Which brings us to the subject of the fascination of an outdoor shoot.

The recent Mykita glasses outdoor shoot in Old Spitalfields Market was highly appreciated, both by fans of the opticians and fans of the brand, on social media. We availed of the opportunity to get some eye-catching visuals of this favoured brand of lightweight glasses in one of the most picturesque areas of London. With regard to making a connection with the people of the East End of London, the photo shoot was quite a success. The people of London’s East End have always been known for their warmth, their humour and their strength in the face of adversity, not to mention their appreciation of good quality. This photo shoot for Mykita had its fair share of photographic gems against the backdrop of a commercial street at Spitalfields; this quality brand looks amazing. These glasses need no adornment; their quality speaks for itself. Unlike indoors, where the lighting may be strictly controlled, outdoor shoots are at the mercy of the weather. Locations like Liverpool Street and Brick Lane London take on fascinating hues when photographed under darkened clouds or sheets of rain, revealing fascinating depths of character.