Fendi Sunglasses

Style and Excellence

Fendi eyewear features both prescription and non-prescription sunglasses that are stylish and functional. This Italian company is world renowned for its capacity to continually craft top-of-the-line eyewear with the trend setter in mind. Fendi began its company existence in 1918 but it wasn’t until 1925 that it was officially named Fendi. Originally known primarily for its handbags and stylish garments in fur and leather, fashionably dressing Italians has been their stock and trade for most of the existence of the company.
Fendi began a business relationship with Marchon Eyewear in the early 1990s which allowed them to begin the manufacture and sale of eyewear on a global scale. Fendi sunglasses was just as popular as their leather and fur lines which lead to the ability to craft masterwork glasses that are exclusive and well deserved their price tag. In 2005 Marchon was granted the principle contract as the sole manufacturer and distributor of the Fendi eyewear line.
Due to this exclusivity, Marchon was able to take the popular and stylish eyewear line and make it even more desirable. Today Fendi sunglasses are considered to be the accessory of choice for celebrities and individuals with enough fashion sense to buy them.
As for the technical side of the Fendi eyewear, each and every set is created with scratch resistant lenses and both the prescription and non-prescription sunglasses are fully capable of blocking ultraviolet radiation. The combination of stylish frame construction and top-of-the-line protective quality has made their eyewear line a standard by which many others are judged.
In their first iterations the eyewear lines released were targeted solely at women and were constructed of metal or plastic and often included rhinestones. In recent years a men’s line has begun production and these are crafted using leather, metal, and plastic. The style of design varies wildly from the large aviator glasses to ultra-slim and overtly feminine styles that look simply fantastic.
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