Carrera Sunglasses

Carrera Sunglasses
A half Century Of Sports Excellence
The Carrera sunglasses brand began its life in 1956 when Wilhelm Anger took inspiration from a popular South American automotive race, the Carrera Panamericana. This company carved out a high-end niche in the sportswear market with their eyeglasses, sunglasses, ski helmets and goggles. By working with top athletes throughout the decades their designs became more focused on the athlete, but wearable by anyone.

This world famous brand is synonymous with high-end sportswear innovation in the field of eyeglasses. Carrera glasses frames are known for their sleek, economical shape and their well-machined beauty. They are both heavily sport oriented and luxurious at the same time. This allows for a wide range of people to be interested in their products.

This company’s line of goggles and sunglasses has graced many important sports figures throughout the last half century. Recently, Anja Peterson became the only competitor at the 2007 world skiing champions to win a gold medal in every single event. She wore eyewear designed by Carrera. This is not the only important sport milestone the company has been part of, however. At the Turin winter Olympics of 2006 multiple gold medalists wore eyewear designed by this company. A few of those medalists, such as Felix Gottwald, won multiple gold medals.

Overall this line of eyewear ranges from the purely functional to the superbly luxurious. Their porsche related line of eyewear has often graced the faces of people touring across the globe in luxury sports cars, for instance. When it comes to innovative and beautiful designs that are meant to be used, few companies outshine the one began by Wilhelm anger in 1956.

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