Wayfarer Glasses

Another iconic Ray Ban design originally for sunglasses, the Wayfarer made the cross over into ophthalmic glasses purely due to the massive popularity of the shape in designer sunglasses. Ray Ban has been producing Wayfarer shaped eyewear since the early 1950s with it being reputed to be the best selling design of eye wear in history (noted rival being the ‘other’ Ray Ban inspired shape; the Aviator!) and is widely regarded as a ‘modern classic’ of design.

Many designers have been inspired to use the Wayfarer shape for their glasses such as current Ray Ban New Wayfarers (why change a good idea?), Mykita, Anlgo American, Phillip Lim and Tom Ford all have fantastic designer glasses models inspired by the Wayfarer shape.

Wayfarer glasses shape has been reinforced as an iconic glasses shape by being worn by icons of the entertainment world such as Buddy Holly, Michael Caine, Madonna and Scarlett Johansson.

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