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Minima are specialists in rimless eyewear that is part of Timon SA based out of France. The company began its life in 1994 and has enjoyed success ever since. Timon SA was founded by the owner Maurice Timon; the Minima brand name came about with the focus of Gilbert Chambly an executive in the optical field of that company. Minima is known worldwide for their titanium frames with a rimless design and often cite themselves as “the minimum” in eyewear.

Minima glasses are crafted in their manufacturing center twenty miles south of Paris. There they continue to innovate and craft new products and increase current frame technology. They are responsible for many current patents on titanium frame crafting.

The company has taken into account the fact that individuals of varying racial types and living locations will have differing facial structures. To answer the question of how to deal with this disparity in the crafting of their frames Minima has crafted frames that are ‘one type fits all.’ They do this by creating lenses and frames that can easily be shaped to fit the needs of the one purchasing them. Once they have been fitted their titanium construction is sturdy enough to insure they do not lose their proper form under normal wear conditions.

Due to their technological savvy and capacity to reach a worldwide audience Minima is slated to become one of the best known eyewear manufacturers in the world.

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