Jono Hennessy Glasses


Art meets eyewear
Jono Hennessy designer eyewear is often regarded as the world-class leader in innovative glasses. The idea for this infamous brand of designer glasses came about during the 1980s. Jono Hennessy Sceats grew up watching his father, C.H. Filmer Sceats, an artistic optometrist, have a loving and intense passion for developing efficient and stylish eyewear. Jono Hennessy carried this same methodical passion throughout his life, and after visiting the Yellow House art gallery in Sydney, he quickly realized his true calling and enrolled in art school. After art school, Jono used an inherited pair of eye frames from the 1950s as a source of inspiration for his work and soon designed his own line of signature frames.

In the 1980s critics were skeptical of Jono’s frames, claiming they were too strange and brightly coloured. Everything changed when Vogue magazine published an article on the future of eyewear featuring styles similar to Jono’s, and the Jono Hennessy name soon took off. Through influence, inspiration and design, Jono was able to build a legacy of not only stylish, but long-lasting and efficient designer eyeglasses. Once his bold experimentation became recognized and appreciated, Jono was appointed chairman of the Design Council of Sydney’s Museum of Contemporary Art.

The Jono Hennessy designer glasses are a bold cocktail of innovation and collaborative creativity. He made them a different breed of eyewear by working alongside independent optometrists and designers. Made from the finest stainless steel and titanium, each handcrafted pair of Jono Hennessy designer eyeglasses are specially designed and polished to ensure long-lasting quality. The Jono Hennessy line of high-end eyewear ranges far and wide, from designs that are stylish and contemporary, to frames that are colourful and more easy-going with unique patterns and interesting designs. Particularly well-known during the 1980s, the Hennessy brand also has a line of designer sunglasses. Notorious for their unique shapes and bright colours, the Hennessy sunglasses look especially fashionable when strolling the beach.

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