FEB31st Glasses

You may not yet have heard of Feb31st, an unusual and distinctive brand of designer glasses. That’s because this Italian brand was only founded in 2011, but although they are not yet a household name, you can expect to hear more from them in the future.

Creative director Valerio Cometti is the leader of a small team who take great pride in their work. Perhaps one of the biggest selling points for Feb31st designer eye wear is the material. The handmade frames are painstakingly carved from bolivar and kauri wood and are available in a range of around 35 colours.

The range of Feb31st designer eyeglasses are aimed at customers who appreciate artisan endeavours and careful craftsmanship. These frames are built to last; after years of wear, the company will happily re-oil the wood. This is a brand that wears its eco-friendly credentials proudly on its face – after all, for someone who cares about the environment, what could be more fitting than a pair of wooden glasses?

We offer custom-made glasses, so that you can enjoy a truly unique pair of wooden designer spectacles. Styles range from the more masculine Truman and Scott, which incorporate rivets as design features, to the delicate, feminine Zelda style. The unusual manufacturing process involves creating 13 separate layers of organically treated wood, which together form a frame that is both very light and incredibly strong.

This is a truly exclusive brand, with each pair coming with a two-week waiting period while the craftsmen in the Feb31st factory finish the product as they do keep inventory and only make frames to order to minimise environmental impact.

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