Booth and Bruce Glasses

Eyewear for the Chaotic Soul
In 1999 the optical eyewear genius of two separate individuals, Peter Booth and Jeremy Sutton, merged to produce a business partnership named Booth & Bruce that has taken the fashion accessory industry by storm. Booth & Bruce began to sell to their eyewear to many fine establishments in London and Brighton. After three years of incredible success they sold the optical portion of the business and began to solely focus on frame design and construction.

The company crafts eyewear formed with bold urban styles that are adventurous and unique. They are interested in showing the twenty-first century look of England to the world at large. Booth & Bruce is largely responsible for reshaping the look of British eyewear due to their desire to merge chaotically conflicting design elements into something they refer to as “organized chaos”. The company as well as their customers cite the Booth & Bruce line of eyewear as inventive and perfect for redesigning your personal world. The striking shift in physical appearance when one of their master crafted eyewear pieces is placed upon the face can turn even the most ordinary individual into the new extraordinary.

The Booth & Bruce design concept enjoys taking strange and interesting thoughts and placing them into modern twenty-first century British styles. They have rectangular, oval, and dark-to-wear versions that can easily be found on fashionable individuals at black tie events. Their brand design varies with the individual and they are just as likely to be worn at a techno club as they are at a gala event.

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