Anglo American Glasses


The Anglo American Optical Company LTD began its existence in London England. Anglo American Optical has been making eyewear since 1882, currently making it one of the world’s oldest operating eyeglass businesses. Each set of Anglo American Optical frames begins its existence as a handmade frame. The quality control methods cite that the company begins an individual piece from the original drawing before they inspect it to ensure a quality finished product that matches the exacting standards of the designer.

American Anglo Optical utilizes a fine cellulose acetate when they craft their frames. The creation of frames using this cotton based material allows for the crafting of hypoallergenic products. This is in strict opposition to petroleum based products that are known to cause skin irritation and are easily cracked.

Anglo American eyewear comes in a variety of material constructions from their cellulose acetate and copper frames to their stainless steel and titanium ones. This allows stability and style without being forced to endure skin irritation and similar allergies. Some material such as nickel can cause allergic reactions in some people, but with the variety of frame construction hypoallergenic variations are available in almost all styles.

Anglo American Optical manuracture comfortable lightweight pieces that are known for their durability and utility of design. They are both fashionable as well as utilitarian, a true merging of two worlds.

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