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The Flexon glasses brand is owned by the company Marchon. Marchon is one of the world’s largest distributer of eye wear brands and carries many outside lines including Nike and Calvin Klein.

Flexon is one of their in house brands, holding the trademark for a shape memory alloy of titanium from which it gets its name. According to Marchon this alloy has special properties that make Flexon eyeglass frames light and extremely flexible. The metal can be bent to a significant degree, and when released it will return to its original shape.

This brand is especially popular among those who engage in sports activity while wearing their eyeglasses. It is also a favourite among those who appreciate durability in their glasses. People that buy Flexon frames are getting a quality product that last. Recently, Nike has also begun to use the Flexon material, making for a higher end brand, with more style options.

Most Flexon styles are unisex, with an emphasis on simplicity, functionality and subtlety in style. Generally, the colour options are understated and modern; with colours like coffee, charcoal and chrome being the most popular sellers in the Flexon line. Flexon carries both rimless and rimmed spectacles and all models include adjustable nose pads. Each frame is available in different eye sizes with some size options available in the temples. Your optician can help select a frame right for you.

Flexon eyewear is not only lightweight, flexible, durable but is technologically superior to many other frames. This is due to the fact that the frames are made from a titanium based alloy (that is 10 times more flexible than steel and 25% lighter than conventional metal frames). Even after twisting or bending the frame will resort back to its original shape.

Athletes tend to buy Flexon frames as they are looking for glasses that are light weight, unobtrusive and durable, yet stylish, fashionable and economical

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