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Nikon- History and Ethos

Nikon Ophthalmic lenses are a product of the Nikon corporation that has been manufacturing top quality camera lenses for decades. Nikon opened in 1917 making camera lenses, for which they are now known throughout the world. Nikon actually were making eyeglass lenses from 1946, long before they began mass producing their Nikon camera. Nikon eyeglass lenses are made using the same high quality materials and superior technology employed in making their camera lenses.

In 1983 Nikon introduced the very first anti-glare coating for eyeglass lenses with built in scratch resistance of the lenses. This feature was a huge hit in Japan and now is featured on almost 100% of lenses there, becoming the standard for lenses everywhere. By 2000 Nikon had created one of the highest index materials available, the 1.74index lens, which was the thinnest and sharpest lens in the world. Also, during 2000 the Presio I was introduced, which is a high quality progressive lens. This lens adapts to all types of vision, such as wide, far and near sightedness. Nikon did not slow down from there; releasing their first double sided progressive lens in 2004. The Presio W was a major advancement for progressive lenses, because it incorporated an Aberration Filter onto the surface of the lens which then minimized distortion, while still maintaining the other desirable features and qualities of the Presio I lens. Most recently in 2006 they created the Nikon SeeSeries. The SeeSeries of lenses are the most prestigious lens currently made by Nikon, including the SeeMax lens for single vision, the SeeMax progressives, the SeeStyle curved lens and the SeeCoat specialist lens coatings

Nikon – The technological forefront

The key technological advances that Nikon have made take place in their Core Technology Center where they continue with the research and development of superior vision products. Many of the breakthroughs in lens technology have set the standard by which other lens manufacturers work to. This work ethic has seen Nikon become the premier lens manufacture in the world, the high standard of research leading to the production of higher clarity and thinness in Nikon top tier lenses.

Nikon’s ethos

Nikon their research expertise to three point plan in their mission to provide the best lenses they can. Nikon seek to improve ophthalmic by increased development in design, premium and coatings materials.

In order to design thinner, flatter high index materials Nikon utilises advances aspheric lens technology. The design feature that lead to the highest index available, the 1.74.

These materials are of the highest quality available for lenses currently on the market. These are combined with the coatings that offer the highest precision and clarity available. The material chosen by Nikon enable them to produce the 1.74 index lenses with such a degree of clarity and sharpness of vision that consumers worldwide give praise to.

The coatings applied to Nikon lenses protect against scratches and abrasion, which means a longer life for your glasses. The light control and anti reflection that is part of the coatings reduces unwanted reflections, eliminating issues, especially while driving at night or working at a computer. Also, the light control feature limits interferences that occur in other lenses, by matching the varnish to the refractive index of the lenses. All this and the easy to clean aspect, reduces water and dust damage as well. Water no longer will tarnish lenses, thus extending the life of the glasses.

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