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There are many companies that manufacture optical lenses, but as with many technical items not all lenses are made to the same standard.

For example, a high index lens made be Nikon is likely to be of a better quality than a high index lens that is cheaply made by a generic lens manufacturer, will not have the guarantees or the level of quality assurance that a Nikon lens would be put through before you glasses are given to you. These are often the lenses you would get for free with a pair of spectacles

Below are five the big names in the optical industry, each with a pedigree that can be historically accounted for.


Nikon are synonymous with lenses of all kinds! A major manufacturer of eyeglass lenses for decades; they offer a very large range of lens options to fit anyone’s needs and requirements. They are an innovator in lens design and materials, creating some of the most advanced lenses available for both single vision and varifocal lenses. For further information on Nikon lenses click here.


Essilor is one of the largest US makers of eyeglass lenses. They make and distribute their own lenses. However, Essilor is part of the larger mother company Essilor International, which is Paris based. Both company have numerous laboratories and distribution centers. They are one of the largest manufacture and distributor of lenses worldwide. They offer a large range of lenses for each individual’s needs.


Hoya was one of the first manufacturers to create a double surface design for lenses. Both the front and the back of the lens is customized for the wearer, resulting in sharper, clearer vision, that is specifically made to suit the wearer. The lenses are made with design, treatment and material in mind, to always create the best lens possible.


Zeiss is a developer of lens materials and coatings worldwide. Zeiss lenses offer superior materials and coatings, as well as multiple choices in lens material. Zeiss lenses take lens coatings to the next level, with materials such as Teflon Clear Coat, Carat Advantage, Hydro Coatings, Mirror Coatings, Super Scratch Protection, Super Hydro Coatings and Anti-Reflective Coatings. These coatings protect the lenses, lengthen the life of the lenses, produce clearer vision and clarity in all situations. A wearer’s vision is sharp, clear and unobstructed.

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