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Choosing the right frame

Facial Types and Frame Shapes

When choosing a frame the first thing to determine is your face shape and the type of frame that will fit best and look best with your features.

Square Facial Shape:

A square face has angular lines with the distance between the temple being equal to that of the chin and hair line; the face will have distinct temple and jaw definition.

Frames that work best for a square face are wide, oval/round frames that are curved frames. If the frame is wider than the widest part of the face this will give the effect of the face being longer. This effect can be enhance by having frames with delicate lower edge or half-rimmed (supra) frames.

Round Facial Shape:

A round face is almost as wide as it is long; as with square facial shapes the distance between the temple being equal to that of the chin and hair line. However, the face will appear rounded and short.

The frames that look best for round face shapes are shallow rectangle or square, angular frames. These would be square aviator type frames. Round frames are to be avoided as they make the face seem rounder, half-rimmed (supra) rectangular frames can give the impression of elongating the face.

Triangle Facial Shape:

A triangle face is narrow at the forehead and wide at the chin. Geometric, round or cat’s eye shaped frames work best.

Oblong Facial Shape:

An oblong face is rectangular in shape. The length of the face is longer than it is wide and there are angular lines. Triangular,square or round frames will work best.

Heart (Inverted Triangle) Facial Shape:

A heart shape face is wide at the forehead and narrow at the chin. Often characterised by having the distance between the temples being smaller than that of the chin to the hair line.

Frames that suit heart shaped faces are oval shaped frames with lower rims and are deeper towards the temple; the goal being to accentuate the and stretch the narrow chin. With the face being longer and heavier lower rim can be worn

Diamond Facial Shape:

A diamond shaped face is narrow at the forehead and chin, but has wide cheekbones.

Frames that are round or cat’s eye shaped frames work best. Rimless glasses are also a good option with the right lens shape.

Oval Facial Shape:

An oval face is proportionate from top to bottom. An oval shaped face can wear almost any shape frame, since the face proportional all around.

Skin tone and frame color

Skin tone comes in two shades, either cool coloring, which is blue based, or warm coloring, which is yellow based.

Cool complexions have blue and pink undertones to their skin. While a warm complexion has peach and yellow undertones to their skin. Once you know what your complexion is, this will help to determine the color of the lenses you should get. However, also consider your hair and eye color as well.

Hair and eye colors are secondary in choosing a frame and fall under the same warm and cool shades. For example, for cool tones colors that work best are camel, gold, copper, peach, orange, coral, off-white, red, blue and turquoise. For a warm tone, such colors as black, rose brown, blue gray, plum, magenta, pink, blue and jade.

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