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Vision Service Plan (VSP)

VSP Vision Care is the eye care plan provided by your employer that gives you access to eye care services and added value on a range of eyewear, contact lenses and eye care products.

When you visit a VSP network optician you gain access to a great range of savings across your eyecare services taken care of under your benefits allowance…

  • 15-20% savings on eye examinations and contact lens checks
  • Up to 20% off frames
  • Up to 20% off lenses

You are covered in full up to your allowance for eye examinations, prescription eyewear, prescription contact lenses and VDU examination and eyewear (where applicable).

Your allowance may also be used by members of your immediate family*

Ask about VSP services if you are employed at any of the following companies…

Amazon UK Services Ltd, Apple Europe Limited, Balbec Capital LP, Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, BlueBay Asset Management Corporation Ltd, Cheniere Marketing Ltd, Citadel Securities (Europe) Limited, Concentrix Europe Limited – Core, Elan Capital Management LLP, Fortress Investment Group, Google UK Limited, Information Services Consulting Limited, Jacobs UK Limited, JPMorgan Chase Bank, Keypath Education UK Limited, Mundipharma International Limited, Nomura International PLC, OANDA Europe Limited, Prosek UK Ltd, Proxima Procurement, PulsePoint Inc., Qualcomm Technologies International Limited, Skyworks Solutions Ltd, Stripe Payments UK Ltd, Universal Music Operations Ltd.

This list of VSP eligible employers is growing so enquire with your workplace HR or health care provider about eligibility or joining VSP.


On the Patient Information screen, “Relationship” is the relationship between the patient and the member. The values include spouse, child, partner, dependent parent, disabled dependent and self. “Self” means the patient is the member.

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We are optometrists specialising in eye tests, eye exams, contact lens aftercare and designer eye wear consultaions


Eyediology Opticians London in Spitalfields near Liverpool Street Broadgate and Aldgate East London

eyediology - opticians - london eyediology - opticians - london eyediology - opticians - london eyediology - opticians - london