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  Esterman Visual Field Test  

Visual Field Requirements for the DVLA

The standard set by the DVLA for ordinary (Group 1) drivers is defined as:-

“a field of at least 120° on the horizontal measured using the Goldmann III4e setting or the equivalent. In addition, there should be no significant defect in the binocular field which encroaches within 20° of fixation either above or below the horizontal meridian”

The DVLA may require you to take a visual field test if you have disclosed an eye condition that affects the quality of your vision. This would ordinarily involve an eye examination with and without your current spectacle prescription as well as the visual fields test at an optician of the DVLA’s choosing.

The Esterman Visual Field Test is carried out on both eyes together (binocularly) and wearing any glasses that you normally wear when driving. It is carried out on a visual field analyser, a computerised machine where you have to responding to small, flashing lights by pressing a button whilst looking straight ahead. The test should take around half an hour to complete.

Our optometrist at Eyediology Opticians can carry out the test and provide with you with the documentation required by the DVLA.

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