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LaFont Glasses

Lafont-logo.jpgThe History and Concept of…
Lafont glasses are a renowned brand that has become synonymous with stylish and functional eyewear. The first generation owner, Louis Lafont, opened the shop doors in Paris France in 1923 but it wouldn’t be until 1972 before the brand Lafont would be born. The brand was created by Phillipe and Laurence Lafont so that they might distribute their first truly exclusive collection.

From the origins of the company and the eventual creation of the brand, Lafont, every new design has come directly from the Lafont creation studio. In the modern era, Thomas Lafont has taken up the challenge of designing the Lafont glasses for the new age. The creation studio is considered the primary method of maintaining excellence in the brand according to the company. Thomas Lafont has been in the studio for over ten years now crafting glasses for the new era.

The company redesigned traditional frame shapes and began to create bold new items that have become true classics such as their P3 and cats eyes lines. Their major stroke of genius was in using a wide variety of colours and materials that no other frame makers would worked with at that time.

At present over seventy percent of the colour pallet and range utilized are exclusive to Lafont glasses. Every day they continue to seek out new colouration technique to craft acetate and metal into a design like no other. Lafont is considered the height of innovation in designer frame making for this reason. The colour pallet choices alone are a major boon to the eyewear makers of the world once their exclusivity runs out.

When a frame is crafted by Lafont, each is begun as a blank sheet. The craftsmanship of four generations is combined with inspiration and modern technique to create a new frame that is unique. There will be frames that are similar but not mass-produced in the typical fashion. They are master crafted to perfection. This has lead to the understandable elevation of Lafont glasses into the high-end of fashion and trend setting companies. The brand continually wins awards from all over the world such as their recent granting of Best Women Eyewear in Tokyo 2006 and Best Children’s Eyewear in Paris during the same year.

Lafont glasses are considered top-tier works of art and anyone that desires to be seen as fashionable, inspired and creative would benefit from buying them.

We are never knowingly beaten on price when you buy designer frames at Eyediology, please take a look at our Price Match Policy for further details.

Not sure whether to buy online or in-store? Why not read our buying guide. With us you can buy on line but you also have the added benefit of knowing that we are a full service opticians so you can always come to see us for an eye exam, a contact lens check or just to try on the frames we have on display.

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