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Eyediology Opticians London

79 Commercial Street, Spitalfields Market E1 6BD 020 7377 2020

Giorgio Armani Glasses

giorgio-armani.jpgThe famous designer Giorgio Armani and the sub-brand labels his company designs in regards to clothing, fashion and more are well known throughout the world for haute couture, various leather goods, jewellery and even home interior design and decoration. However, one of their most popular lines is the sunglasses and spectacle lines that they craft with a master’s touch and a fashion forward sense of style.

The famous designer began the self named Giorgio Armani company in Italy 1975. By the Year 2001, he had become critically acclaimed as the greatest designer to ever have come from that country. A bold statement due to the plethora of world class designers and fashionistas that Italy has produced. Giorgio Armani S.P.A. is a brand dedicated to perfume, accessories, ready-to wear fashions for both men and women, as well as their eyewear line among many other fashion interests.

Giorgio Armani glasses are a unique experience. They are largely responsible for removing some of the stigma surrounding individuals that wear glasses to read due to their comfortable and stylish design. The material construction of their glasses, whether for casual reading or chic sunglasses, is unique to every individual model. Some eyeglasses are crafted from stainless steel with gemstones fitted into them; other versions are made of anti-glare polarized polycarbonate. All Giorgio Armani sunglasses and glasses are hypoallergenic with even the strongest metal ones being crafted from an innovative aluminum and Optyl resin combination process that is merged with nickel free high-end surgical grade steel.

Giorgio Armani glasses specifically are known for their no line bifocal purposes. The lenses are seamless while maintaining the capacity to increase and shift magnification according to where the eyes are viewing. The lower the eyes drop within the glasses the stronger the magnification will become just as with standard lined bifocals.

Spectacles crafted by Giorgio Armani are master crafted and unique. No two models are alike and as such each is at the height of fashion. The company only crafts top tier designer eyewear whether they be spectacles or sunglasses. They are popular because they are form fitting, comfortable and stylish. The range of frames is defined by the use of quality materials and production methods, resulting in a look that is unique and personal.

Buying Giorgio Armani glasses or sunglasses you are embracing the stylish side of life and obtaining a little bit of luxury

We are never knowingly beaten on price when you buy designer frames at Eyediology, please take a look at our Price Match Policy for further details.

Not sure whether to buy online or in-store? Why not read our buying guide. With us you can buy on line but you also have the added benefit of knowing that we are a full service opticians so you can always come to see us for an eye exam, a contact lens check or just to try on the frames we have on display.

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    eyediology - opticians - london eyediology - opticians - london eyediology - opticians - london eyediology - opticians - london