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Nikon single vision lenses

The very best in optical quality

With continued research and development Nikon lenses offer an unparalleled level of durability and ease of cleaning; and with unwanted visual effects kept to a minimum, they are also easier on the eyes.

Nikon’s premium aspheric lenses are the most sophisticated in world; the designs allow the wearer to see much more clearly as well as adding to the aesthetic of the glasses.

With the same dedication, care and attention that has gone into making Nikon a leader in the camera manufacture, Nikon craft their ophthalmic lenses.

Single vision lenses are made for myopes and hyperopes and come in Nikon’s patented single aspheric and double aspheric designs, giving a much flatter and thinner profile to the lens. Nikon offer a varied range of lenses and it is always best to have an eye care professional go through the choices available to guarantee that you receive the best lens for your eyes. Ask them about the benefits of the Nikon aspheric and bi-aspheric designed lenses, and the different materials and indexes.

SeeMax Lenses

SeeMax lenses are of a double aspheric design and are completely custom made for the wearer

This design reduces aberration and distortion that occur with higher prescriptions. The lenses are completely custom made for your glasses frame and will change in shape as needed to fit the frame. The lenses come in thin and light materials high index materials.

Nikon Lite Double Aspheric Lenses

The Nikon Lite Double Aspheric (DAS for short) lens further reduces the thickness of the lens and gives a great optical performance in its lens class, with fewer visible distortion providing a much more comfortable wearing experience.

Nikon Lite Lenses

Nikon Lite is a single aspheric lens created from the Nikon camera lens developed to take high definition images with less distortion.

The result is a more natural vision seen when looking through the lens itself, a cleaner view and 68% lower aberrations than in standard lenses.

The aspheric design of the lens make them far thinner, light and flatter than other spherical lenses

Relaxee Lenses

Nikon Relaxee lenses are a new concept in the struggle with eye strain. These lenses are especially designed to help your eyes relax when they concentrate on near vision.

Relaxee lenses are great for close work such as reading or computer work. The lens has a clear area for distance vision blending into the ‘relaxed’ zone, with a very slight power to reduce eye strain and fatigue.

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eyediology - opticians - london eyediology - opticians - london eyediology - opticians - london eyediology - opticians - london