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SeeMax progressive lens range

SeeMax range of progressive lenses

The SeeMax progressive lens range are the standard by which other progressive lenses are judged.

Whether you wear SeeMax Power or SeeMax Progressive lenses, you are wearing a product specifically designed and tailored to your visual needs.

The SeeMax Power lens is a double aspheric design, that is custom made to your prescription. The SeeMax Power lens which is Nikon’s proprietary D Dual Power Progressive designed lens works with the wearers unique visual needs. These parameters include, far and near vision power, pupil distance and frame shape; these attributes are all specifically calculated for your visual needs using the very powerful Nikon Optical Design Engine (NODE) system. The lenses provide a wider reading range, a 50% increase in the usable reading zone and increases the intermediate and far zones when compared to standard varifocals.

The utilisation of the 3D Progressive Power Aberration Filter™  make first time wearing of these lenses easy, meaning that you can adapted to them quickly. This is the premium lens of choice for the best optical performance and visual comfort for varifocal wearers.

3D Progressive Power Aberration Filter™ Surface: Making for easy switching to this lens.

3D Power Customisation Variable Inset Option: Giving you up to 40% wider reading zone depending on you visual needs.

3D Enhanced Central Progressive Surface: Aberration reduction with increase in intermediate and far zones

Because of unparalleled design and the ability to customise the lens to the individual requirements the SeeMax Power progressive lens offers the best near to far visual transition as well as minimises distortion and blurring. This gives you the pinnacle of visual performance and aesthetic finish, a must for the discerning glasses wearer with demanding visual needs.

The SeeMax Progressive is a double aspheric lens that is tailored to your individual visual needs based on your prescription and lens shape data. The SeeMax Progressive provides 3D progressive surface area, creating a wider intermediate and near vision zone. The right and left lenses are balanced for a more comfortable fit and better cosmetic appeal. The 3D aberration filter minimizes distortions over the entire surface of the lens.

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eyediology - opticians - london eyediology - opticians - london eyediology - opticians - london eyediology - opticians - london