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Presio progressive lens range

Nikon Presio range of progressive lenses

The Presio Power provides easy adaption to the lenses and visual clarity. A Progressive Power Aberration Filter has been added to the lenses on the back surface, with a point to point based on the lens prescription. The viewing area is wider with the lenses, while still proving clarity and sharpness. With the Presio Power Nikon has produced a lens that will make adjusting to progressive lenses far less uncomfortable.

Enhanced Front Central Progressive Surface: The area directly in front of the eye is most often used. In the Presio Power lens this area has been made as wide as possible by using lens design to reduce the aberrations in this area. This leads to a major decrease in the discomfort felt when you initially wear your glasses.

Progressive Power Aberration Filter Surface: Distortion and aberration are generated in all progressive lenses. The aberration filter employed by Nikon reduces these effects to a minimum, providing a much clearer visual experience with greater visual acuity.  The filter is calculated, point by point, specifically for your prescription before being applied to the back surface.

The level of aberrations present has been lowered considerably around the pupil area, this give you a significantly wider intermediate vision area leading to rapid adaption to the lens.

Image of Preseio Power distortions

The reduction in aberration giving a much clearer,  sharper and more pleasant visual experience. The pictures below were taken with an actual lens in front of the grid to demonstrate the level of distortion seen with a conventional lens.

The Presio W is a double aspheric lens and was a world first, using Aberration Filter™ Surface Technology that allows virtual elimination of visual constraints found in other progressive lenses. Most progressive lenses inherently have varying degrees of distortion when worn, making them uncomfortable for long periods of use. The Aberration Filter™ Surface Technology that Nikon employs means that visual distortion is reduced by 40% as compared with the Nikon Presio W lenses.

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